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Emmanuelle Antille

1 h 34 min




A Bright Light - Karen and the Process

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A cinematographic essay that journeys across the United States in the footsteps of Karen Dalton, one of the 1960s most iconic voices, worshipped by her peers, but little known to the public. The cult singer was not cut out for the conventions of the industry: a prodigious musician she was first and foremost a free woman who lived on the fringe. The film - part biopic, part diary - also serves as a dialogue for the filmmaker on the creative process: its frantic and mysterious paths where reality and dreams intersperse.

Born in Lausanne, Emmanuelle Antille studied at the ESAV in Geneva and at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. Since 1995, she has developed her artistic practice as a video artist and film director exploring the bonds between people within a community and family. A Bright Light is her first feature-length documentary.


Production Country and Year Switzerland, 2018 | Produced by Rubis Films, Intermezzo Films | Producers Emmanuelle Antille, Luc Peter | Director of Photography Carmen Jaquier | Sound Malika Pellicoli | Editor Laurence Vaes, Emmanuelle Antille, Emilie Morier | Contact Sweet Spot Docs


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