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Oberhausen: International Competition 2022

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Six films from the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen: International Competition and the International Online Competition of the 2022 Festival. A selection programme in which the great cinema of the small form is ready to be discovered.

The screening is organized in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Finnland.

Catarina Ruivo: BOA NOITE (Sleep Tight, Portugal 2021) 21 min -Portuguese with English substitles-

“Boa Noite” shows the special relationship between a grandmother and her grandson and how they protect each other from their fears.

Matti Harju: KOLME PÄIVÄÄ SADETTA (Three Days of Rain, Finland 2021) 10 min -Finnish with English subtitles-

Matti Harju dispenses with an overarching narrative in “Kolme Päivää sadetta” when his protagonist, who could be a drug mule, walks aimlessly through the forest.

Jon Rafman: PUNCTURED SKY (USA 2021) 21 min -English spoken-

In the computer animation “Punctured Sky”, an invisible narrator embarks on a journey of discovery to find out why his beloved childhood video game mysteriously disappeared.

Collectif Faire-Part: L’ESCALE (The Stopover, Belgium/DR Congo 2022) 14 min -French with English subtitles-

The documentary report “L’escale” shows only one view out of an airplane window and makes clear how closely the privilege of personal freedom is linked to the origin of the travellers documented in the passport.

Elodie Pong: ON A BEAUTIFUL DAY (Switzerland/Morocco 2021) 7 min -French/English with English subtitles-

Elodie Pong documents the Strait of Gibraltar, which has become the preferred route for migrants, as a scene of hope and death.

Marko Meštrović: THE RAFT (Croatia 2021) 14 min -Croatian with English subtitles-

The whole world is flooded, but the band ‘Raft’ simply continue to play their music on a raft.


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