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Kaltrina Krasniqi

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Sarabande started as a personal documentary on the acclaimed Kosovar classical guitarist Petrit Çeku who, back in 2014, was about to record his take on Bach's unaccompanied Cello Suites in Spain. But then it became a road movie on borders and illegality, to later be wrapped up into a journey of two friends travelling between the invented ideas of orient and occident, past and future. Four years in the making, the poetically layered film does justice to these native nomads, imprisoned by the politics of borders.

Kaltrina Krasniqi is an award-winning Kosovo based film director and media specialist working in film, television and online publishing since 2001. She is a founding member of the Kosovo Oral History Initiative and a co-founder of the popular Prishtina cafe-bookshop Dit' e Nat'. Currently, she is in production of her first feature film Vera Dreams of the Sea.

Kaltrina Krasniqi will be present at WOMEX 19 and there will be a Q&A after the screening.


Production Country and Year Kosovo, 2018 | Produced by Kaltrina Krasniqi | Producers Kaltrina Krasniqi, Ares Shporta | Director of Photography Kaltrina Krasniqi | Sound Labinot Sponca, Donika Rudi | Editor Kaltrina Krasniqi


See other screenings: WOMEX 19 at Arthouse Cinema Niagara


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